Saturday, November 17, 2012

Secret Productivity Weapon: Craft Cart

I have been way more productive lately with these small projects like kumihimo, without really feeling like I'm doing that much more. Why? Because I assembled a small rolling workstation, with various tools and materials I use often. At times when all I feel like doing is vegging out in front of the TV, I now can use that time productively, repairing my broken junk jewelry or experimenting with beads or cords.

When not in use, the cart folds up and doubles as an end table in the living room.

I used a nifty old typewriter cart with drop leaves on both sides, which my dad was getting rid of. I added a board for a top (it didn't have a top), a work light, some plastic drawers underneath, and a strip of LED lighting under the top, to better see the contents of the drawers. I also added a couple of magnetic hooks to the backs of the front legs to hold a small pair of scissors on one side, and some other small items on the other side (these aren't visible):

You can see my cat Spots in the foreground, trying to get some attention!

Then I added a power strip to the back, plus a wall pocket to hold my notes, and a matching magnetic bin for holding miscellaneous items too large for the drawers (it's a black mesh thing stuck to the edge of the tabletop). All this stuff is invisible when the cart is pushed against the wall:

I would like to add a glass top, so I can see down into the drawers more easily.

When I'm done using it, I clear everything but the lamp off the top, fold down the sides, and it's just a fun end table. When the LED strip is not on, the drawers underneath are not very noticeable.

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